Domestic Violence Attorney Stockton Ca

Many individuals are wrongly accused of committing domestic violence. If you are one of these individuals, make sure that you contact the Law Offices of Armando Villapudua immediately.

Domestic Abuse Explained

Domestic abuse is when one partner of a domestic partnership harms or threatens the other partner with physical or psychological harm. This is a criminal charge and it affects the accused person’s future drastically. It does not matter if they committed the crime or not. Simply being accused is enough to damage their relationship and make their relationships with their family and community complex.

The only thing is takes is for a domestic dispute to get out of hand and domestic abuse claims can be made. Usually, they arise out of the desire for vengeance. Unfortunately, when these claims are made it can be hard to have them disproved since no one knows for sure what happened except the two partners.

To prove that it has taken place usually witness statements, physical proof and history of domestic violence has to be examined. If convicted, the individual will face penalties such as jail time, anger management classes, fines, probation, or community service. This can cause damaged relationships to become even worst especially when financial problems are already present.

Reasons to Seek Legal Counsel

To disapprove a domestic violence case you are going to need to have a skilled and experienced domestic violence attorney in Stockton, California. They are going to need to be able to pull apart the accusations to prove that you are innocent.

Our law office has a keen eye for detail and can find the smallest details that will allow you to get off the hook immediately or greatly reduce your charges. This is why we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of Armando Villapudua immediately so we can start building your case as soon as possible to get you off the hook of these damaging charges or have your consequences reduced.

Be sure to contact us as soon as possible so you can gain control of your life so you can see that we are your go to resource when you have been charged with domestic violence.