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How Traffic Ticket Attorney Armando Villapudua Works

If you are looking for an aggressive traffic ticket defense attorney in Stockton Ca that knows California Traffic Ticket Laws, you will find them at The Law Offices of Armando Villapudua. Perhaps, you have a couple of questions in mind about how our legal expertise can help you. Well, now that you are reading this, we are about to answer your questions regarding traffic citations.

We will represent you in court trials

If you are the kind of person who cannot find time in the day for your daily activities, going to court for traffic tickets would be a great inconvenience on your part. Of course, there can be other places where you’d rather be or doing something else. You need not to worry about that anymore. Traffic ticket defense attorney Armando Villapudua is here to help you. He will represent you in court trials and will help solve the case in the quickest time possible. Our attorney will be the one to enter a “not guilty” plea in court. He will be there the when you are supposed to appear in the courtroom. We promise to be with you all the way through to fight your traffic ticket.

We understand traffic laws in California

Nothing can be more frustrating than putting your trust to a mediocre law practice. It can be difficult to identify legitimate traffic ticket attorneys unless they have bad reviews online. Even if someone is an attorney, you can never really tell if you have picked the right one. The way to end up with a reputable traffic law attorney is to choose Armando Villapudua. He is an aggressive attorney who has extensive knowledge about traffic ticket defense and many other aspects involving traffic violations. With Attorney Villapudua you have peace of mind that you are teaming up with a tried and tested traffic ticket attorney in San Joaquin County.

Our law firm provides excellent traffic ticket legal assistance. Over time, we have defended people like you from traffic tickets and with positive outcomes. Attorney Armando Villapudua knows about procedures and laws governing traffic courts and traffic rules. He uses his vast experience and unparalleled level of knowledge on traffic laws to give you an advantage in court.

We look out for your expenses

Sometimes, the main reason why accused traffic violators don’t hire an attorney who will defend their traffic ticket is because they can’t afford to hire one. You do not have to worry about with us. Attorney Armando Villapudua offers affordable legal assistance to resolve your traffic citations. We pride ourselves to providing excellent traffic citation defense assistance at a reasonable fee. This is one of the reasons why The Law Offices of Armando Villapudua remains a sought after traffic ticket defense lawyer in Stockton, California and San Joaquin County.

Should I Hire An Attorney?

In San Joaquin County, traffic is frequent due to the many vehicles and pedestrians in the city. Because of this, particularly careless drivers who do not obey traffic rules, are often faced with traffic officers looking for traffic violations. Some careful drivers are also faced with this problem. Whether you are a careless driver or not, the question is, should you hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you if you get a traffic ticket? The answer is yes.

Traffic citations cannot be avoided in some cases, which may cause an inconvenience and loss of time for both the driver and the traffic officer. This could lead to a long discussion or argument on the part of the driver and annoyance in some cases, or cause fear if you’re traveling with your family. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney is best as to prevent further arguments between the parties involved. A traffic ticket lawyer knows the laws governing traffic, its procedures and the right things to be said and done in order for tickets to be settled or dismissed. Having an attorney who knows about traffic laws will result in a better outcome most of the time.

Appearing in traffic court could be tiresome and uncomfortable for a person who has work and many things to do. Waiting in lines in court, and the hassle of signing documents costs precious time. Hiring an attorney who can do these things without delay is a big help to avoid these problems. An attorney can do all the necessary things to make the process easier for the driver. Our traffic attorney knows what to do.

Lastly, most people, particularly the elderly who might get a ticket don’t have time to read, review and analyze traffic laws to further understand the concept and procedures of traffic court. This will increase the burden on the ticketed party who might not have sufficient resources like books about traffic codes and related materials. It is much better to hire an attorney who will present legal reasoning and sound arguments that can help your case.

How Traffic Court Works

The following is how traffic Court works in San Joaquin County. Use this to help you make an informed decision whether you want to handle contesting your traffic ticket on your own or whether you should hire a traffic ticket lawyer to take charge of the process.

  1. You Been Given a Traffic Ticket – When and Where Is Traffic Court?

When a traffic officer gives you a traffic ticket, it contains the traffic ticket court venue where the ticket will be addressed, the court date, and the time of hearing. This information will be at the bottom part of the citation the officer gave you. The officer will tell you that you are going to receive a courtesy notice, and you should show up to the court on or before the date on the actual citation. The citation works as the only notification the officer or court must give you. 

  1. The Initial Hearing- An Arraignment

So what is that date the officer gave you? It is for the first hearing on your traffic ticket that is called the arraignment. At this hearing, you can either enter a guilty or not guilty plea for violating traffic rules. Would you like to handle this hearing by yourself or hire an attorney? If you handle this hearing all by yourself there are several burdens that you are going to pass through such as will you have to travel to the traffic court, wait in a long line to get in, waiting again for your case to be called, then wait again in the court to grab a copy of the file wasting the time of your day. Then, if you want to contest the citation and go to trial, the court will generally demand you to pay the necessary amount as a fine upfront to have the trial date. But, if you hire a ticket attorney, the attorney will be the one to be there at the first hearing even without your presence, on that note; your time is saved on that day. In addition, when the attorney deals with the case for you, you don’t have to pay the fine up front to set a trial date.

  1. What Happens after arraignment?

After the arraignment, the court will provide a trial date to contest the traffic citation. The trial date could be two to six months in the future depending on which court the citation is in.

  1. Traffic Ticket Trial In San Joaquin County

You will report on the date of the trial to the traffic court if you are handling the case yourself. On the trial, the officer will provide testimony to the judge his or her version why they cited you as it is his or her burden to prove you are guilty. Then you would be able to question the officer about his or her proof and testimony. Next, you would have the chance to defend yourself by presenting your own version of events either through witnesses, pictures or arguments. After hearing the testimonies and evidence of both parties, the judge then makes a ruling – guilty or not guilty. You don’t have to be at the trial if you hired a ticket defense lawyer. Depending on the nature of the facts (weather you can testify that you were not violating the vehicle code as cited by the officer), you may need to appear at the traffic trial together with your attorney. If your testimony would not help you, then the attorney can take over the trial date on your behalf. 

  1. Results of the Ticket Trial

You will either be found guilty or not guilty by the judge following the trial. Once found guilty, the judge will set a fine for the offense and then determine if you are eligible or not to attend traffic school. Traffic school allows the point from an offense to be hidden from your auto insurance which keeps you rates from increasing. Traffic school can be completed online and it costs between $20 and $40. However, if you win the trial, the judge will dismiss the charges against you. You will be refunded the fine you posted previously and would not need to do traffic school. Prior to your trial, do not attend traffic school because you can save it if you have violations in the future.


Stockton Ca Traffic Ticket Attorney Armando Villapudua in San Joaquin County provides legal representation on traffic tickets. Because of that, you are probably eager to ask us about a couple of things about our traffic ticket defense services.

Q; How do I know where the traffic court will be?

A: The location where you received your traffic ticket determines your designated traffic court. The officer writing the traffic ticket will provide you with the location of traffic court nearest you area. It will be circled or checked on the bottom part of the citation, which the officer will give you

Q: When the officer says that I will get something in the mail, should I expect to receive something?

A: As the date of court trial gets closer, the court sends out a courtesy notice for your ticket. Bear in mind however that the court is not required to do it. You traffic ticket already indicates the date of your court trial.

Q: What if I miss to appear in court on the indicated date?

A: In the event that you were not able to appear in court on the indicated date, expect that the court may resort to these two things:

  1. Imposition of a civil assessment (a fine); and
  2. Notification to the DMV that you didn’t show up in court, then the DMV will take action to suspend your license for driving.

Q: What if I still have old tickets I never dealt with?

A: There are a couple of things that this situation can bring. These include the following:

  • You can either pay off the ticket at the court
  • You can contest the traffic ticket and the civil assessment for the failure to appear in court

In the event that you never went to any court trials for your traffic tickets, you may still set a trial for such. The benefit of having an aged or old ticket is that law enforcement generally purge the tickets or get rid of them. This happens because law enforcement agencies or officers that wrote the ticket often do not have the supporting notes.

However, you may still face certain civil assessment actions and see if the court will be able to reduce the amount of fines imposed.

Q: Do all traffic tickets require or involve points?

A: Not really. While some can be considered as points, others are not. Also, remember that certain traffic violations that are considered as points may be counted as two points.

List of Common Traffic Ticket Violations: 
  • Speeding Ticket – VC 22349(a)
  • Cell Phone Ticket – VC 23123(A)
  • Texting Ticket – VC 23123(A)
  • Evading Police – VC2800.1
  • Driving without Current Registration – VC 4000(a)(1) – (Infraction)
  • No Registration in Vehicle – VC 4454(a) (Infraction)
  • False Registration Tabs – VC 4462.5 (Misdemeanor)
  • No License Plates – VC 5200(a) (Infraction)
  • Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License – VC 12500(a) (Infraction/Misdemeanor)
  • Driver’s License Not in Possession – VC 12951(a) (Infraction)
  • Negligent Operator Driving with a Suspended License – VC 14601(a)
  • Driving with a Suspended License – VC 14601.1 (a) (Infraction/Misdemeanor)
  • Driving with a Suspended License Following a DUI – VC 14601.2(2) (Misdemeanor)
  • Driving with a Suspended License Following a Refusal – VC 14601.5 (Misdemeanor)
  • Driving without Proof of Insurance – VC 16028(a) (Infraction)
  • Hit and Run – VC 20002(a) (Misdemeanor)
  • Failure to Stop at Red Light – VC 21453(a) (Infraction)
  • Failure to Obey Sign, Signal, or Device – VC21461(a) (Infraction)
  • Car Pool Violation – VC21655.5 (b) (Infraction)
  • Illegal Turn at Intersection – VC 22101 (d) (Infraction)
  • Speed Over 100 mph – VC 22348(b) (Infraction)
  • Unsafe Speed for Conditions – VC 22350 (Infraction)
  • Failure to Stop at Stop Sign – VC 22450 (a) (Infraction)
  • Reckless Driving – VC 23103 (a) (Misdemeanor)
  • Speed Contest – VC 23109 (a) (Misdemeanor)
  • Exhibition of Speed – VC 23109 (c) (Misdemeanor)
  • Throwing Substance on Highway – VC 23111 (Infraction)
  • Minor with a BAC .05 % – VC 23140 (Infraction)
  • Marijuana in Vehicle while Driving – VC 23222 (b) (Misdemeanor)
  • Tinted Windows – VC 26708 (a) (Infraction)
  • Driving without Wearing Seatbelt – VC 27315 (d) (Infraction)
  • Child Passenger Restraint Violation – VC 27360 (Infraction)