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Call the Law Offices of Armando Villapudua in Stockton Ca if you want to clear your name after being arrested.  It is important that you have an experienced lawyer standing behind you. You need one who can help you during your time of need and have your back. In the state of California, it is not always easy to get justice. Many individuals feel as though the system does not have their best interests in mind. The legal process can seem like a pain in the rear and time consuming. When dealing with the legal system in California it can be intimidating and confusing. If you do not have an experienced legal attorney, the chances of you losing your case are high. When you have been injured, or face losing your freedom, it is important that you have a successful outcome. As your advocate, we are your voice when you need us the most. We have offices in Stockton, California, and we never stop fighting for our clients with integrity and determination.


Here at the Law Offices of Armando Villapudua you will find that we are known for being a prime advocate for people who are facing personal injury or criminal charges. Our client’s futures being successful are always our main goal.

Helping Personal Injury Victims

When a personal injury takes place, both the victims and the families are concerned. Medical treatment is something that has to be done to insure that the victim is able to make a speedy recovery. Additionally, some income has to come in if the primary income earner is the one who is injured. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the victim to need the process to go as quickly as possible. Lastly, victims want to make sure that they are treated fairly by the judicial system.

Here at the Law Offices of Armando Villapudua we make it our business to help personal injury victims receive the compensation and justice that they desire. We play a crucial role in helping our clients rebuild their lives after a tragedy occurs.

Defending Your Rights and Freedom in Criminal Law 

Our law firm also helps those who have DUI, domestic violence, drug offenses, violent crimes, and other misdemeanor or felony charges pending against them. Our mission is to ensure that you are able to have your rights protected while keeping your freedom. With us, we guarantee we will allow you to get the best possible outcome.

When you come to us for a personal injury case, you will not have to pay unless we get justice for you. When it comes to criminal law cases, we accept most major credit cards.

Armando Villapudua started his legal career as a prosecutor for San Joaquin County, where he prosecuted numerous cases related to drugs, violence, gang relations, and other felonies. Now he is able to use his experience as a prosecutor to defend clients who face criminal charges throughout California. Additionally, he helps victims of personal injury get the compensation and justice that they deserve.

Our Team

Armando Villapudua, head attorney, is known for getting clients the results they desire in personal injury cases. The firm is backed by numerous advocates to insure that payment and righteousness is gained for clients and standing strong in the face of anyone who does not have your best interests in mind. We believe our clients deserve compensation for catastrophic injuries and we represent clients who face criminal charges too.

We Stand By You until the End

When you are dealing with a legal matter, it is not uncommon for you to experience anxiety, as you do not know what the outcome of your case is going to be. When you allow us to represent you, we keep you in the loop throughout the entire process via the communication method of your choice. We provide you with applicable documents and material about your case so you can review it too. You can be confident knowing that we are on your side the entire time. We always keep out client’s future in mind. Contact the Law Offices of Armando Villapudua in Stockton Ca via our online form today.