Slip and Fall Attorney in Stockton Ca

At one point or another, we have all slipped and fell. You are just walking and then out of nowhere, your feet go out from under you and you fall on your bottom. You may have slipped down some stairs or twisted your ankle on uneven pavement or flooring. More than likely you just got up, brushed your butt, and went on your way. However, what happens when in a few hours or days you find out that you have a serious injury that requires expensive medical treatment. If you did not file a report when the incident happened, you have no way to get the justice that you deserve.

When you encounter a slip and fall you need to file an incident report where it occurred, seek medical attention, and then call our law firm so we can start a record of your injury,  under premises liability in case serious injuries present themselves down the line.

Premises Liability Explained

Premises liability occurs when you obtain an injury on someone else’s property due to dangerous conditions that were not presented to you in any way before you walked into the area. Sometimes the property owner is not going to be at fault, because specific conditions have to be met for a case to qualify. This is why it is important to make sure you have a skilled and experienced attorney on your side so they can fully analyze your case to see if the property owner should be held liable for your injuries. They will be able to keep the required documents filed so if you have injuries present themselves later you will be able to have justice served.

Accidents Because of Negligence

Slips and falls also occur because of negligence of the premises. This means that the structural defects and hazardous conditions have been addressed yet the property owner never attempted to take care of them.

Getting Negligence Evidence

If you feel as though an injury occurred because of negligence, it is important that you have as many supporting documents as possible. You should be able to provide your attorney with clear photos, doctor’s reports, police reports, and anything else that can help them make your case. The more information you provide them with the quicker they will be able to prove that your case is a result of negligence on the property owner’s end.

Sometimes this will not be enough though. It has to be proven that the property owner knew about the dangerous conditions yet chose not to do anything about it. If the property owner can prove that they did not know about the dangerous conditions then they will not be held responsible, which means you will be stuck figuring out how you are going to handle your financial expenses on your own. Therefore, you have to have proof that the property owner had the opportunity to fix the problem but did not. For example, if you fail through a step on the property you would have to prove that the property owner was already aware of the weak step and they had an ample amount of time to fix it before the accident occurred. If this was the second time you fell through the step, and you alerted the property owner of it the first time, you would be able to have the proof you needed as long as you filed an incident report the first time that it happened.

Reasons for an Attorney

You can probably already tell that premises liability cases can be complex. This is why you need a skilled and experienced attorney to walk you through everything. They can tell you which documents you need and how to build a case that will hold up in court.  Contact our law firm to determine whether you have an eligible case so you can start pursuing the compensation that you deserve from the property owner.